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For over two decades, I've been immersed in the world of buying, selling, and sourcing Porsche cars, further fueling my dedication to this iconic brand.

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My fascination with Porsche ignited at a young age, blossoming into a lifelong dedication. Over two decades of owning, buying, selling, and sourcing Porsche cars have honed my understanding of the brand to unparalleled levels. I am not just a connoisseur; I am deeply ingrained in the Porsche ethos.

Beyond personal ownership, I am sought after by high-profile clients, including celebrities and high-net-worth individuals, to provide consultancy services for Porsche products. My role extends to assisting them in curating their dream car collections, from sourcing to global transport.

My personal Porsche collection stands as a testament to my passion for automotive excellence, boasting some of the rarest gems in the Porsche line-up in Concourse condition. I have a discerning eye for acquiring vehicles of exceptional quality and only the best examples tick my boxes.

Ian Bevis
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With great pride, I serve as the IT Director at offical Porsche Club GB, blending my deep-rooted expertise in IT with an unyielding passion for everything Porsche. As the IT Director of Porsche Club GB, I was handpicked for my exceptional skills and devotion to the Porsche legacy. In this role, I offer technical expertise and unwavering support to fellow enthusiasts, serving as a pillar within the community. My experience in IT spans over 3 decades and my successful business Chameleon Web Services has one of the best names in the Digital world providing everything from branding, web development and digital marketing.

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Whether you seek advice as a Porsche enthusiast or wish to enhance your collection, I am here to assist. Connect with me, Ian Bevis, through LinkedIn or Porsche Club GB, and let's embark on a journey fueled by passion and expertise.

Experience the world of Porsche through the lens of a true aficionado. Join me in realising dreams within the realm of luxury automotive excellence and performance.

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