Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Management Advice, Wealth Coach and International Speaker

Business Success Needs Real Strategy...

Business success can be easy when you understand your goal, what is achievable in what time scale and how you plan to get there.

As an Entrepreneur, Business Consultant providing Management Advice and teaching others to understand how to take financial control as a Wealth Coach and International Speaker I have worked with Bluechip companies and highly respected celebrities and individuals.

Starting my own IT Business at the age of 14, I was developing my business skillset at this early age which provided real-life early lessons and commitment.

At 44 years old now I have successfully built a number of personal businesses and helped clients achieve success, growing their businesses to levels they didn't expect.

Due to my work being so diverse I have unique knowledge of nearly all industry sectors and the know-how to prevent making mistakes making ensuring all growth efforts are affective.


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We Can All Achieve If We Have The Answers


Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice

Each year business consultants are paid for impractical information that is poorly implemented from poor recommendations. I am not like many other entrepreneurs providing information to business owners with a poor history from my own failed business ventures along my lifes path.

I have never been made bankrupt, gone into administration or borrowed money to get out of a hole in my life or business.

I understand businesses, audiences and make paths to success that achieve the goal that was set out from the beginning.

My success in business comes from the diagnosis of data and then correct the implementation of tasks looking at influences and engagement with the target audiences.

Understanding how to solve your target audiences problem after making a diagnosis of data, which may necessitate redefinition of the problem itself.

My recommendations for your business are based on the diagnosis of everything, not "well this worked for x" and I provide assistance with the implementation of my recommended solutions.

My goal is to facilitate client learning, teaching clients how to resolve similar problems in the future, permanently improving business effectiveness.

Problems To Solve.

I am often given difficult problems to solve which can include making or buying a component to rebranding and a complete change of marketing strategy.

Seeking solutions to problems often leads me to solve other client issues that are not going well which have not been questioned.

The key success to my success is my consultant to client relationships. People are often fearful of uncovering difficult situations for which they might be blamed for and my goal is to work with everyone as this is vital to business success, the more information I can understand the more I can help.

As a business consultant, I am here to help not blame!

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Example Of Clients I have Worked With:-