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High Quality and the Right Cost.

Random Photographs

Priced Right

Photography is not cheap. But in this hard cost cutting world it is better to be getting work and charging less than not getting any work at all.

All prices vary on work type. It is very difficult to put a fixed price on a job as every job is different.

Product shots are normally charged at 10 per finalised image. Discounts are available (example:- 20 images charged at 50.)

For creative, life style or fashion images i normally charge 50 per hour or 200 for half a day and 400 for a full day.

Retouching and image manipulation is charged at 25 per hour.

Please contact me for price information.

Why choose me?

This is a hobby to me and a job. The passion you put into a hobby is far more than that people put into there jobs. So i am doing your work and enjoying doing it. Not just getting paid to be somewhere with my camera. Please contact me with information of your project or idea as i am sure u can accomodate your needs.