High Quality

The equipment makes the difference between a good shot and a great shot. Capturing that one time moment perfectly.

Canon Equipment

Background & Success

I have been involved in photography and video work for the last 12 years. My imaginative brain has created some wonderful results over the years. My attention to detail is impeccable and having the best equipment is a must. I have always used Canon irrespective of price, as i personally believe there SLR's are the best in the world. My work is used in all kinds of ways, from company brochures, catalogues, wedding albums, postcards, web site images, portrait pictures and canvas, etc.

I love to work on personal projects that keep my creative mind flowing. I try not to digitally manuipulate my photographs by spending a great deal of time trying new methods of capturing the perfect image.

Work Diversity

I have been involved in many different tasks / jobs from Wedding Vidoes and Wedding Photography to Racing events at the Nurburgring. I have photographed children and pets in many environments. Studio work is easy, you can create the perfect lighting and create your envioronment. I pride myself on the ability to get great results not in the studio.

All images are shot in raw files and can be provided to you in any format including tif, jpg, pct, eps and pdf for either mac or pc.

Images can be supplied on CD, DVD, FTP or Email.