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HSV Forum

It is funny how events create opportunities and these can flurish into something very big.

I recently purchased a Holden Monaro and as part of the deal the car went to a Monaro Specialist. A £3000 bill later and nothing had been done and when I complained and took the car off the company I was threatened and they knew I was a member of a HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) forum.

At the same time a close friend who supplies parts was kicked off the forum for advertising and this caused a stink on the forum as many many people had brought from my friend as he was the only HSV breaker in the UK.

So to cut a long story short, my friend asked if it was possible to create a forum and due to my business this was simple so we purchased the domain names relating to this running the site from the name www.hsv-owners.com and this was then built up and set to grow.

The strange thing is and the reason that I am writing this is, from creating a forum I have now been in contact with the M.D of HSV. I have also spoken to many business owners from suppliers to track day companies and this forum creation has now opened new doors.

The success of the forum is out of my control as the best forums on the  internet are only good due to members of the forum.

Networking is very important in business as we all know and from creating this forum the Chameleon Web Services Company profile has pushed globally to Australia.

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